Silouette was dreamt up by a little girl with a princess’ name and vivid imagination who wondered what could be found beyond the seas of the small island where she lived. Little did she knows that one day she would find the courage to pack her bags and venture into the unknown, to explore the world. Whilst on the road Silouette started taking shape, moving from dream to reality, becoming a new way to live life by sharing things with others.

Silouette Creations is inspiration from far-flung lands and people; it is manual work applied to a variety of materials, colours and textures; it is a project driven by the curiosity of two creatures of creative nature: Silouette Creations is Ida and Jen.

We are motivated by a huge desire to learn and experiment in order to create little pieces of a dream: designs that conjure up memories of amazing sunsets, clear seas and exotic forests so that you can enjoy them in urban environments.

We put special emphasis on the manual aspect of our creations and the use of unusual materials that we source in our travels, hoping to make you feel part of what we experience in the creative process. Ingeniously we try to use things in imaginative ways and to reinvent things that are not deemed “cool” anymore.

We make our jewellery with conscience and care: we take spontaneous or carefully researched ideas all the way to completion applying the best working techniques.

We bring a breath of fresh air, an eclectic collection of pieces that are very reasonably priced. We bring you “wearable art”, designs that say “I am different, I don’t take myself too seriously”, opening the doors to an infinite number of combinations and possibilities. Our designs are feminine and fun, colorful and tactile, dreamy and adventurous, timeless and uniques.

Silouette has grown slowly, with a lot of love and support, as a creative jewellery project at present, but we are also looking to create dreams and experiences, to surprise and to share. But above all, we really want to enjoy this new adventure!